The I.O.T.A. Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.

Our Core Values are:

INTEGRITY - “We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior, and value transparency and honesty in our relationships and actions.”

OPTIMISM - “We believe that there is good in everyone and that the light conquers the dark in all circumstances, with hard work and perseverance.”

TEAMWORK - “We recognize the inherent worth of all people and work together with our partners in the community to increase the efficiency and impact of our efforts.”

ACCOUNTABILITY - “We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our efforts and for the commitments we make to our participants, partners, donors and each other.”

Our Mission

The I.O.T.A. Foundation mission is to provide economic empowerment, social action and educational resources to the underserved and vulnerable Black and minority communities of Chicago.


Our Vision

The I.O.T.A. Foundation envisions a world in which the most vulnerable people will have the power to lift themselves out of their current circumstances and create vital, healthy lives for their families and communities, now and for the future.

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